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Master Investor Show 2014 Videos and Presentations

Jim Mellon

The Conundrum of Certainties


Main Stage

Terry Smith of FundSmith

How to Play the Emerging Markets

Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks

Making Money and Doing Good

Professor Sir John Bell

The Future of Money & Medicine

Jim Mellon

The Conundrum of Certainties

Simon Cawkwell AKA Evil Knievel

A year in the life of Evil Knievil

Paul Kavanagh of Killick & Co

Stocks to Sparkle in 2014

Presentation Room A

The Master Investor Breakfast Presentation brought to you by


Alejandro Zambrano – Market Analyst, DailyFX

Zak Mir

Zak Mir, John Piper, Alpesh Patel
and Cameron Malik

Fastnet Oil & Gas Plc

Paul Griffiths, Managing Director

The Rising Stars Stage

Lee McCracken

CEO, Gensignia Life Sciences, Inc.

Dr Richard Pye

Director of Corporate Communications

Nick Carlile

Director, Platinum Portfolio Builder

James Ferguson

Where Next for the Markets?

Christopher Anzalone

Arrowhead Research Corporation

Stephen Larkin, CEO

Africa New Energies

Anton C. Mauve

West African Minerals Corporation

Kristian Kondrup, CEO

Kris Kon Oil & Gas

Darren Winters

Wealth Training Company

Ben Thompson

Listed Products & Lyxor ETF UK

Dr Richard Pither

Cytox Ltd

Master Investor