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Given that we’ve been knocking around the spread betting, CFD and forex industry for such a long time we occasionally act as an introducer (sale-broker) for people who want to buy or sell a website or domain.
  • arrow_forwardIf you are looking to sell, or in the market to buy, let us know. Naturally we are discreet and can sign NDAs if / when needed.

  • arrow_forwardAre you a provider / broker who wants a discreet connection re: buying and/or selling? get in touch.

    We can put you in touch with other sites looking to buy/sell. We don’t always take a fee. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to connect two parties with mutual interests. Also, we do like to be helpful to our clients and make new contacts.

    Naturally we normally run a no-sale-no-fee policy.

  • arrow_forwardWe know large and small buyers, but it’s rare we deal in domains unless they are a .com or

  • arrow_forwardIf you are selling a site and it’s under 12 months old and/or has less than 5,000 users per month, then we’re unlikely to have any interest in it, you are better off on Flippa (see below) or another website marketplace.

  • arrow_forwardWorst case, if we can’t help, and if we can’t put you in contact with the right party, you can still sell on Flippa, Sedo etc.

Website & Domain Marketplaces

  • arrow_forwardFlippa – will charge the seller a nominal $1 – $29 listing fee and 15% for a successful sale. Flippa is an open marketplace for small sites. Many go for just $50-100. Good for due diligence of Google Analytics data. Watch out for the spivs who have large traffic numbers and poor quality sites, they are just spamming Google or buying social visits to pump up their numbers.

  • arrow_forwardSEDO – useful for their Escrow account – they charge the seller about 10-15% for a successful sale. They’ve also charged me 3% when I’ve deposited money to buy a domain. For peace of mind, that’s not a shocking fee.

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Got a Spread Betting, CFD or Forex Website?

For Sale – Spread Betting, CFD & FX Domains & Websites For Sale

No time-wasters please. Non-disclosure agreements will need to be signed.

  • arrow_forwardSummer 2017 – For Sale – we know of one small spread betting / CFD / forex broker that is for sale – contact us for details – we have permission to connect other brokers.

  • arrow_forwardSummer 2017 – For Sale – we know of a large trading content website with 80,000 unique users per month – contact us for details.

Sold Spread Betting, CFD & FX Domains & Websites

.SpreadBetting .Forex .CFD .Markets .Trading gTLD Look Like Poor Value

IG Group followed up it’s purchase of with the purchase of the rights to the “generic top-level domains” of .SpreadBetting .Forex .CFD .Markets and .Trading.

Through its Boston Ivy subsidiary, IG has been controlling these domains and they have now massively dropped the premium renewals pricing.

I.e. if you register then you are registering that through IG. Perhaps that’s why the other spread betting, CFD and forex brokers haven’t been that keen to buy the .SpreadBetting .Forex .CFD .Markets .Trading gTLDs.

If IG wanted to, they could put in place some very aggressive renewal fees once you established your domain / brand.

Having said that, they’ve recently dropped their renewal prices.

Also, according to the IG 2016 Annual Report, they’ve also written off this investment

Less successful at this stage has been our acquisition of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), where we have decided to write-off the investment this year.

We have launched some websites using our gTLDs, for example, and licensed many domains to third parties, but this is moving slower than we initially anticipated.

We continue to believe that our ownership of certain gTLD strings positions us well as the internet structure evolves, but we have trimmed our short-term ambitions and we are focusing on using the small number of sites we have at this stage to broaden IG’s presence and attract clients.”

AuthorAlex Turner

Senior Editor, SpreadBetMagazine

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