China Shutting Bitcoin Exchanges and the End of Futures Rollovers

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Spread Betting Diary for 11 September 2017

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China Planning to Shut Bitcoin Exchanges

More downward pressure and extreme volatility expected for BTC.

There’s a quick update here: Bitcoin spread betting news.

Normal Service Resuming?

The VIX closed last week at 12.1 so neither exciting nor deadly dull either. Unlike the weather, the summer’s trading wasn’t a complete washout.

With the kids back at school we should also get back to normal September trading levels in no time.

Hopefully that means fewer random moves on light volumes.

Looking ahead, the AA PLC chart is showing an interesting pattern but no trade yet.

The big one though is this week’s new iPhone 8 / iPhone X launch and how that will impact the Apple share price.

Damp squib?

IG No Longer Offer Discounted Rollovers

IG are no longer offering discounted rollovers on futures markets.

I.e. if you roll a futures trade over from one month (or quarter) to the next then you pay the full price of closing the trade to the mid-point (half the spread) and the full price of opening the new trade (whole spread).

With most platforms, you simply pay half the spread of the market to rollover a futures trade.

OK, this doesn’t feel like great news but at the same time this probably impacts less than 0.1% of all trades… or perhaps even less than 0.01%…

It’s not a big issue for most of us.

And if you are constantly holding these longer-term trades then think about using a different vehicle e.g. an ETF might be better suited to your needs than a spread bet.

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