CMC Markets Review

Losses can exceed deposits
With CMC Markets investors can trade tax free* and commission free on thousands of financial markets. CMC Markets also offer 24 hour trading, next generation charts, iPhone and iPad trading as well as a host of features to help with risk management. See below for more details.

CMC Markets Spread Betting

CMC Markets Spread Betting

With CMC Markets clients get all the normal benefits associated with spread betting such as:
  • Quick access to the financial markets without the hassles, costs and limitations associated with physical ownership
  • The ability to trade a wide range of markets including forex, shares, indices and commodities
  • The option to speculate on markets to go up or down
  • Tax free profits*
    • Profits are exempt from Capital Gains Tax
    • There is no Stamp Duty
    • There is no Income Tax
  • No distinct commissions – there are no transaction fees or distinct commissions associated with spread betting

CMC Markets Spread Betting Account

A look at the CMC Markets spread betting account:

CMC Markets Account Review CMC Markets
Web PlatformCMC Markets - Web Platform
iPhone AppCMC Markets - Phone App
iPad AppCMC Markets - iPad App
Android AppsCMC Markets - Android Apps
Deposit AccountCMC Markets - Deposit Account
Typical Minimum Stake£1
Minimum Account Opening Deposit£0
Stop LossCMC Markets - Stop Loss
Guaranteed StopsCMC Markets - Guaranteed Stops
24 Hour TradingCMC Markets - 24 Hour Trading
Live ChartsCMC Markets - Live Charts
Demo AccountCMC Markets - Demo Account
FCA – Authorised and RegulatedCMC Markets - Authorised and Regulated by the FCA
Spread betting may also be available with other companies.

CMC Markets also offer further benefits such as:
  • 24 Hour Trading – from Sunday evening to Friday evening CMC Markets offers 24 hour spread betting on all of the major currency pairs as well as gold and silver. A number of major indices such as the UK 100 and US 30 are also available for the majority of the day.
  • Cash Commodities – most providers offer commodities markets as ‘futures’ which often expire within the next 1-3 months. CMC Markets offer ‘cash commodities’ markets that have tight spreads, a single continuous price and up to five years of price history.

CMC Markets iPhone Trading

CMC Markets iPhone Trading

With the CMC Markets spread betting iPhone app clients can speculate on forex, commodities, stock indices and shares. iPhone app features include:
  • Trading and Orders – clients can open and close trades as well as use a number of other orders such as limit orders, stop loss orders, take profit orders and trailing stop loss orders
  • Watchlists – create customised watchlists
  • Factsheets – details on the market in question from spread size to real-time Dow Jones news and live streaming charts
  • Account Details – clients can review their account in real-time with a graphical breakdown of the available cash, the P&L on open positions, transactions history etc
  • Swipe login – this makes logins quicker and easier

CMC Markets iPad Trading

  • The iPad app offers clients all of the features of the web-based platform plus customisable watchlists and a customisable home screen
  • The charts update every 5 seconds and provide live spreads prices
  • The swipe security function allows for faster logins
In short, the spread betting iPad app offers clients portable access to live CMC Markets prices and trading, CMC Markets charts (with multi-touch charting and technical indicators), swipe logins, customisable financing and live trading news.

CMC Markets iPad

CMC Markets Trading tools:

CMC Markets offers a range of useful trading tools to help investors such as
  • Guided tours – the platform provides a range of videos and virtual tours covering important features such as the Product Library and Order Tickets
  • Factsheets – these provide details on each market. They cover margin levels, spreads and trading hours

CMC Markets Demo Account

To help you get used to the platform, or if you simply want to test some trading theories risk free, you can use a Demo Account.

The spread betting demo account is free, takes about a minute to open and comes with £10,000 of virtual funds.

CMC Markets Trading Orders

To help with risk management the CMC Markets platform comes with a number of trading orders:
  • Stop Loss orders – these close a trade if the market moves against you and past a level that you set (note that they are not guaranteed)
  • Transaction-based Stop Loss – this is a risk management feature where the platform automatically suggests a Stop Loss for each trade
  • Trailing Stops – this is similar to a Stop Loss but the order automatically moves when there is a favourable market movement. Therefore it helps to lock in some profit should your trade start to move against you
  • Limit orders – an order to open a trade at a particular level
  • Take Profit orders – an order to close a profitable trade when the market hits a level that you set
You can manage orders directly from the live chart, simply drag the orders to new levels, this will then automatically update the order ticket.

CMC Markets Charts

CMC Markets CFD Trading

Investors can also trade CFDs with CMC Markets, key features and benefits include:
  • Fractional Ownership – buy and sell CFDs by units or amount and trade from as little as 1/1000th of a unit
  • CFD Tracker – track the price movement of a given market
  • Portfolio Mixer – choose markets and put them together in the portfolio mixer
  • Customisable Margin – invest without tying up large amounts of capital
  • Next Generation Charts – access all of the popular chart types such as candlestick, OHLC and line charts
  • Low Trading Costs – the CMC Markets platforms and the functions are free of charge

CMC Markets – Spread Betting Markets

A review of spread sizes and stakes for some of the most popular spread betting markets.

Unless stated otherwise, the spreads shown are ‘Fixed Spreads’ which tend to stay static during volatile market conditions. Out-of-hours fixed spreads may differ. Fixed spreads are not guaranteed during extreme market conditions.

†† represents a ‘Minimum Spread’. Minimum Spreads are the lowest spread for a given spread betting market. If the spread on the underlying market should widen then the spread on the spread betting market may also widen.

CMC Markets Stock Market Index Review CMC Markets
FTSE 100 daily – spread size0.7††
Dow Jones daily – spread size0.7††
DAX 30 daily – spread size0.7††
Indices – minimum stake£1
Indices – more markets availableCMC Markets - Stock Market Indices
Index spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Other index markets are available including:
  • US: US Russ 2000
  • European: Austrian 20 Index, Dutch 25, Eurostoxx 50 Index, German Mid Cap 50 Index, Irish 60 Index, Italian 30 Index, Norway 75 Index, Spanish 35 Index, Sweden 30 Index and Swiss 30 Index
  • Rest of the World: Australian 200 Index, Korean 200, Singapore Blue Chip, South Africa 40 and Toronto 60

CMC Markets Shares Review CMC Markets
FTSE 100 shares – spread size0.075%
FTSE 100 shares – minimum stake£1
More shares markets availableCMC Markets - Shares Markets
Shares spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Individual equities in other countries are also available, these include a selection of:
  • European shares, such as shares listed in Austria, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
  • South American shares
  • Shares listed in Canadian, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia and Singapore

CMC Markets Forex Review CMC Markets
Euro/Dollar daily – spread size0.7††
Sterling/Dollar daily – spread size0.9††
Forex – minimum stake£1
Forex – more markets availableCMC Markets - Forex Markets
Forex spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Other currency pairs are available including:

CMC Markets Commodities Review CMC Markets
Gold – spread size3††
Brent Crude Oil – spread size3.5††
Commodities – minimum stake£1
Commodities – more markets availableCMC Markets - Commodities Markets
Commodities spread betting may also be available with other firms.

There are more commodities on the platform such as:
  • Energies: Carbon Emissions, Gasoline and Heating Oil
  • Metals: Palladium
  • Softs / Agricultures: Corn, Cotton, Feeder Cattle, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Lumber, Oats, Orange Juice, Pork Bellies, Rough Rice, Soybean, Soymeal and Soy Bean Oil

More Markets:

CMC also offer treasuries:
  • Interest rates: Euribor, Eurodollar and Short Sterling
  • Government Bonds: BOBL, Bund, Schatz, US T Bond 10 Year, Canadian 10 Year Bonds, Australian 10 Year Bonds and Japanese 10 Year Government Bonds

About CMC Markets

CMC Markets was established in 1989 as a forex market maker. In 1996 the company launched the world’s first online retail forex service.

With over 75,000 clients worldwide the company has made some key acquisitions such as Digital Look Ltd, the financial content and data provider, and Australian stockbroker, Andrew West & Co. Ltd – now trading as CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd.

In 2007 Goldman Sachs purchased a 10% holding in CMC Markets.

Official website: CMC Markets

Losses can exceed deposits

Contact CMC Markets

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7170 8200

CMC Markets
133 Houndsditch

CMC Markets UK plc and CMC Spreadbet plc are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, FSA registration numbers 173730 and 170627 respectively.

Apple, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Spread betting, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and FX are leveraged products and carry a high level of risk to your capital. It is possible to lose more than your initial investment. These products may not be suitable for all investors, therefore ensure you understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

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