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Adding a Comment Can Be Quicker

If you have an opinion or question on a particular broker, market or way of trading, you may get a quicker reply from us and/or one of our other readers if you add a comment on the relevant page for that topic (just use the ‘search’ function to find the relevant page).


You can also contact us via Twitter @spreadbetmag.

Adding Comments About with Spread Betting and CFD Companies

If when you are reporting a problem with a broker, please give some details and not just “XYZ is a scam”.

Without details it just sounds like sour grapes and it doesn’t help other users. Likewise, without details it doesn’t help us identify or discuss the problem.

Genuine Writers and Analysts? We’d Like to Hear from You

If you would like to contribute then we are only looking for unique articles from people who really understand trading and can tell our readers something interesting and useful.

We only use content from people who really understand the markets, spread betting, CFDs and/or forex etc.

No beginners guides please, we have enough basic guides.

Also, no waffle, articles on the history of spread betting or stories about ‘charts and Japanese rice traders’.

(And if you are a genuine writer, you can get some imaginary bonus points by pointing out the typos or anything else wrong with our site).

Spammers and Link Spammers Need Not Apply

All comments, and submissions via the contact form, are checked. Spam won’t get through, please save your time and ours.

No Link Swaps and No Guest Posts with Links

We do not do link swaps.

We do not let ‘writers’ post articles with links, this isn’t because of the potential Google penalties (although that is a factor), it’s mostly because any such articles are truly terrible, i.e. inaccurate, promise profits, dull, mostly waffle etc.

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We look forward to hearing from genuine investors and writers.

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