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Never Forget…
Trump: No One Knows the System Better Than Me

Donald Trump Cartoons and Memes

Below a few of our favourite Donald Trump cartoons, images and memes.

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4 December 2017: Trump Tax ‘Reform’

Trump Tax Plan

Also read: Cut, Cut, Cut – The Stock Market Problem with Trump’s Tax Reforms

1 December 2017: UK MP’s React Trump’s Racist Retweets

And Trump managed to have a public spat with Theresa May.

November 2017: Trump’s Detailed Tax Plans

Trump Tax Plan on a Tweet

1 November 2017: Robert Mueller’s Investigation Hots Up and Charges Paul Manafort

Robert Mueller to Arrest Trump?
It’s Mueller Time

The Probe

Halloween 2017: They’re Back!

Trumpkins are back!

October 2017: Trump in More Arguments with Bereaved Families

Trump in More Arguments with Bereaved Families
An older cartoon by sadly relevant again

30 August 2017: Trump Jets in to Texas to See Flood Damage by Tropical Storm Harvey

Trump Has Floods of Fans

Side note – Not being the brightest… by 30 October 2017 Trump’s little thumbs were tweeting about how successful he’s been at helping increase coal production…

Trump Coal Production Tweet
Yes, you can start swearing now…

August 2017: Trump Defends White Supremacists

August was dominated by The Donald:
  • errorBeing unable to denounce the KKK and Nazis
  • errorEquating the KKK and Nazis with those protesting against the KKK and Nazis
Trump meme: Some of my best friends...
Some of my best friends…

17 August 2017 Cover of The Economist

Trump KKK Economist Cover - 17 August 2017

Someone’s Got a Point

Whose wizard idea was it to put this idiot in charge?
Whose wizard idea was it to put this idiot in charge?

9 August 2017: Temper Tantrums Between Nuclear Powers

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Cartoon
Credit: Brian Adcock

August 2017: Working ‘Golf’ Holiday

It’s important to work on your handicap as you steer the world towards WWIII…

(At the same time though, he’s not going to change so the more time he spends playing golf the better.)

Trump Cartoon: 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Credit: Ben Jennings / The Guardian

July 2017: Trump and Those Russians

We can only hope that the Miami Herald are right on this one:

Robert Muller vs Donald Trump

So Much For His 3-Dimensional Chess
Trump Cartoon: Next Move
Credit: Joep Bertrams

January 2017: Theresa May Visits The Donald

Theresa May & Donald Trump: Beauty and the Beast
Credit: Brighty / The Sun

Cartoons on Trump Becoming President

Trump vs Statue of Liberty Cartoon

2016 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Cartoons

This image was put out to support The Donald during his Presidential campaign…

We’ve included it because it seems fantastically relevant during his Presidency.

Drain the Swamp
Swamp Thing

Trump vs Clinton Debates

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