Donald Trump Tweet of Golf Ball Hitting Hillary Clinton Deleted

Whose wizard idea was it to put this idiot in charge?
Whose wizard idea was it to put this idiot in charge?

Two Fucked Up Minds

Sorry, we’re a bit off topic today but it looks like someone has started to delete a few of the Donald’s tweets…

And if you look at the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed there is still so much stupidity in there that for a tweet to be deleted it must have been quite special… but not in a good way.

Deleting Tweets Isn’t Always That Clever Either

He must know that people are watching for which tweets get removed.

Deleting a tweet is like sending a “recall email”… you make sure you read an email once someone has tried… and failed… to recall an email.

On 13 September 2017, Trump re-tweeted this:

Trump Retweet of Golf Video

I.e. the spoof video of his golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton… it looks like a grown up confiscated The Donald’s phone and deleted it the tweet.

You can still see the video on

Also, let’s be fair… if it was other way round, with Clinton tweeting a video of her golf ball knocking over Trump then it would have been more amusing…

After all, we do like bullies getting a taste of their own medicine.

What I love about this story though is not just how it’s a completely inappropriate tweet from the leader of the free world but who he retweeted…

Yes, look at the above image again.

The President re-tweeted @Fuctupmind… surely Trump knows everyone will pick up on that? Is his attention to detail so limited?

Hint for Donald – If you’re going to re-tweet but the original sender has a dodgy name or dodgy history… simple… just search for someone more normal and who’s sent the same thing and retweet them instead…

Of course, this is tricky if you have no moral compass.

And who is @Fuctupmind?

@Fuctupmind is not going to win any peace prizes soon… here’s one tweet that @Fuctupmind sent, it has now also been deleted.

It doesn’t get much more blatantly racist than this…

@fuctupmind Racist Tweet

Point Proven…Again

Trump proves again that, at best, at very best, he’s just a fucking idiot… and worst he’s the nasty racist that we all think he is…

Sorry, rant over.

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