ETX Capital Review

Losses can exceed deposits

ETX Capital offer tight dealing spreads in the UK with some of the lowest margin requirements in the industry. ETX Capital’s intuitive trading platform offers one click trading and an advanced charting facility.

Clients can trade thousands of global instruments from a single account and from £0.50 per point. Available spread betting markets include shares, indices, forex, commodities, interest rates, ETFs, options and bonds. For more details see ETX Capital spread betting markets.

ETX Capital

ETX Capital Spread Betting

The multi-million pound trading platform set new industry standards for its intuitive design, speed and ease of use. ETX Capital’s platform was created with client input at every stage of the process.

In a world where every second counts ETX Capital believe their trading platform has the speed and accuracy to give clients the competitive edge.

The ETX Capital platform lets clients trade:
  • With competitive commissions, narrow spreads and high leverage.
  • Using one click dealing tickets giving fast access to markets.
  • With a wide range of automated market orders such as limits, stops, If-Done, Good For Day (GFD), Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and One Cancels the Other (OCO) helping clients to manage their risk.
  • On a stable, reliable platform backed up with 24 hour support from Sunday evening to Friday evening London time.
Key benefits of the ETX Capital platform include:
  • One click trading – clients can execute a trade on the platform with just one click. ETX Capital gives you fast access to a wide range of markets from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Wide range of instruments – access to thousands of global instruments, all from a single account with both Quarterly and Daily Rolling bets available.
  • Free advanced charting – a comprehensive advanced charting facility where you can monitor the live, real time movement of ETX Capital prices with live and customisable interactive tic charts and a wide choice of multiple views; choose from a number of display styles and over 70 technical indicators; plus enhance your analysis with drawing and mouse tools.
  • Information you need, when you need it – valuable insights into the markets with our daily briefing and global market reports to keep you up-to-date with the latest market talk.

ETX Capital Trading

ETX Capital Mobile Trading

The ETX Capital iPhone app was designed with the trader in mind allowing clients to effectively manage their portfolio and instantly access their account.

Clients benefit from being able to:
  • Trade across a range of markets 24 hours a day.
  • Manage their portfolio with one tap trading and instantly create a customised watch list.
  • Manage risk by placing stop losses and limits as well as One Cancels the Other orders (OCOs).
  • Access live advanced charts and use several technical analysis indicators such as: Moving Averages (MA), Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Stochastics.
ETX Capital Mobile

ETX Capital Spread Betting Account

A look at the spread betting account from ETX Capital.

ETX Capital Account Review ETX Capital
Web PlatformETX Capital - Web Platform
iPhone AppETX Capital - Phone App
iPad AppETX Capital - iPad App
Android AppsETX Capital - Android Apps
Deposit AccountETX Capital - Deposit Account
Typical Minimum Stake£1
Minimum Account Opening Deposit£0
Stop LossETX Capital - Stop Loss
Guaranteed StopsETX Capital - Guaranteed Stops
24 Hour TradingETX Capital - 24 Hour Trading
Live ChartsETX Capital - Live Charts
Demo AccountETX Capital - Demo Account
FCA – Authorised and RegulatedETX Capital - Authorised and Regulated by the FCA
Spread betting may also be available with other companies.

ETX Capital – Spread Betting Markets Review

A review of some of the most popular spread betting markets covering the typical in-hours spread sizes and minimum stakes with ETX Capital.

ETX Capital Stock Market Index Review ETX Capital
FTSE 100 daily – spread size1
Dow Jones daily – spread size2
DAX 30 daily – spread size2
Indices – minimum stake£1
Indices – more markets availableETX Capital - Stock Market Indices
Index spread betting may also be available with other companies.

The mobile and web platforms offer:

ETX Capital Shares Review ETX Capital
FTSE 100 shares – spread size0.10%
FTSE 100 shares – minimum stake£0.50
More shares markets availableETX Capital - Shares Markets
Shares spread betting may also be available with other companies.

ETXCapital offers a wide range of European equities including: top 20 Denmark shares, top 20 Finland, top 40 Italy, top 25 Netherlands shares, top 20 Norway shares, top 35 Spain shares, top 30 Sweden shares and top 30 Swiss shares.

There is also selection of shares from the Czech Republic (shorting not allowed), Poland and Hungary.

ETX Capital Forex Review ETX Capital
Euro/Dollar daily – spread size2
Sterling/Dollar daily – spread size3
Forex – minimum stake£0.50
Forex – more markets availableETX Capital - Forex Markets
Forex spread betting may also be available with other companies.

The platform has more than 40 currency markets:
  • Majors e.g. Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Swiss Franc/Yen, Euro/Swiss Franc, Pound/Yen, US Dollar/Canadian Dollar and US Dollar/Swiss Franc
  • Minors e.g. Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar, Euro/New Zealand Dollar, Pound/Canadian Dollar, Pound/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Yen, US Dollar/Norwegian Krone and US Dollar/South African Rand
  • Exotics e.g. Euro/Czech Koruna and Euro/Hungarian Forint

ETX Capital Commodities Review ETX Capital
Gold – spread size4
Brent Crude Oil – spread size4
Commodities – minimum stake£0.50
Commodities – more markets availableETX Capital - Commodities Markets
Commodities spread betting may also be available with other firms.

You can also trade other commodities futures:
  • Energies e.g. Heating Oil and RBOB Gasoline (No Lead)
  • Metals e.g. Palladium and Platinum
  • Grains / Softs e.g. Corn, Cotton, Feeder Cattle, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, London Cocoa, Lumber, Oats, Orange Juice, Rough Rice, Soybean, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil and US Cocoa

ETX Capital Bonds and STIRS Review ETX Capital
Interest Rate markets availableETX Capital - Interest Rate Markets
Bonds markets availableETX Capital - Bonds Markets
Spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Treasuries include:
  • Interest rates e.g. Euribor, Eurodollar and Short Sterling
  • Government Bonds e.g. BOBL, Bund, Gilts (2, 5, 10yr), Japanese Government Bonds (10yr) and US T Bonds (10yr)

More Markets

Other markets on the platform include:
  • ETFs – ETX Capital lets clients spread bet on a broad range of ETFs from the UK 100 Tracker, ‘MSCI Mexico Investables’ and ‘DJ US Real Estate’ to ‘ETC All Commodities’ and ‘ETFs Agriculture’
  • Sectors – There is a selection of European sectors
  • Spread Betting on Options – Markets from ETX include UK 100 options, Germany 30 options, S+P 500 options and Wall St options

ETX Capital CFDs

With ETX Capital you can trade CFDs and spread bet from the same account. If you trade CFDs with ETX Capital there is:
  • One click dealing
  • An advanced charts package with 70 technical indicators, the ability to build your own indicators and a Backtesting module
  • A wide range of markets to trade
  • No UK stamp duty* on any CFD product
  • 24 hour trading and customer services from Sunday evening through to Friday evening
  • The ability to profit on both rising and falling markets

About ETX Capital

ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, company number 00851820. Monecor (London) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 124721.

Losses can exceed deposits

Contact ETX Capital

Phone: 0800 138 4582 or +44 207 392 1400

ETX Capital
One Broadgate

Monecor (London) Ltd is a member firm of the London Stock Exchange. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Financial Services register number 124721.

The leveraged trading products available on this website are not appropriate for everyone. It is possible for losses to exceed your account balance. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose and seek advice if you do not understand the risks.

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