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Losses can exceed deposits

Finspreads’ revamped site allows clients to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by financial spread betting and speculate on the movement of equities, stock markets, forex and commodities on a new, easy-to-use and powerful trading platform, Advantage Web.

There are 3 types of account:
  • Beginner’s accounts – these have been developed for customers with limited industry experience enabling them to start trading with stake sizes from just 10p per point.
  • Standard accounts – these have a minimum stake size of only 50p per point and access to the full range of 12,000 plus markets offered.
  • Limited Risk accounts – these allow customers to trade with the safety of knowing that they can’t lose more than the funds they have deposit.
Finspreads also provides access to a wide range of markets via their mobile app. The mobile platform allows clients to benefit from access to their accounts wherever they are, at any time.

Your losses are magnified in exactly the same way as your gains if the market moves against you and can result in losses exceeding your initial outlay. Ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading.

Why Finspreads?

The Finspreads Mobile App
Why open an account with Finspreads? Here’s what they say:

Mobile Spread Betting

Many spread bettors, particularly those in day trading and short term trading, find that they need access to their spread betting account when they’re on the go. This is where iPhone™ spread betting and mobile trading come in.

Finspreads’ mobile trading platform and spread betting iPhone app give you comprehensive, secure access to your trading platform. It also connects you with the full range of markets and order types available online, even when you’re not at your desk.

Tight Spreads

Competitive margins and tight spreads mean cost effective spread betting. Searching for the tightest spreads and the best margins can make a considerable difference to your profits.

Spreads at Finspreads range from 2 points on major indices such as the FTSE 100, CAC and the Dax, to 3 points on currencies such as Euro/Sterling and Sterling/Dollar. The spread for Euro/Dollar is just 2 points. Finspreads also offers margin rates that let you maximise the benefits of leverage without compromising your investment potential.

Risk Management

A key factor in successful spread betting is being able to understand and manage the risks involved. There are a number of tools available to help you do this. Finspreads, for example, offers competitive rates, stop losses and guaranteed stop losses which all contribute to well-managed spread betting.

Finspreads Spread Betting Training

Aside from trading with minimal risk, the best way of learning spread betting is by listening to the experts. Whether you choose to do this online or in person doesn’t matter, it will play an integral part in your spread betting education.

Finspreads offers many portals for you to learn spread betting in more detail. These include platform tutorials as well as free spread betting seminars at company offices.

Finspreads also offers the Trading Academy Course, which is a comprehensive spread betting education programme for new customers.

Low Stakes

Traders should always look for the spread betting platforms that offer the smallest minimum stake sizes.

Those new to spread betting who enrol in the Finspreads’ Trading Academy Course can start spread trading from as little as 10p per point for 8 weeks. Even once traders have completed the course, Finspreads’ minimum stake on certain markets starts from 50p per point, one of the most competitive spread betting rates available.

The Markets on Finspreads

Finspreads – Spread Betting Account

New Account Offer Finspreads - New Account Offer?
Trading Charts Finspreads - Trading Charts?
24 Hour Spread Betting Finspreads - 24 Hour Spread Betting?
Stop Losses Available Finspreads - Stop Losses Available?
Guaranteed Stop Available Finspreads - Guaranteed Stop Available?
Demo Account Finspreads - Demo Account?
Online Application Finspreads - Online Application?
Regulated by the FSA? Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FSA)
Spread betting services may also be available through other companies.

Finspreads – European Index Markets

FTSE 100 Finspreads - FTSE 100 Spreads?
FTSE 250 Finspreads - FTSE 250 Spreads?
DAX 30 Finspreads - DAX 30 Spreads?
CAC 40 Finspreads - CAC 40 Spreads?
Other European Indices Finspreads - Spreads on other European Indices?
Spread betting on European Indices may also be available through other companies.

Investors can also trade other European stock market indices

Finspreads – US Index Markets

Wall St (Dow Jones) Finspreads - Dow Jones Spreads?
S+P 500 Finspreads: S+P 500 Spreads?
NASDAQ 100 Finspreads - NASDAQ 100 Spreads?
Other US Indices Finspreads - Spreads on other US Index Markets?
Spread betting on US Indices may also be available through other companies.

Finspreads – Forex – Majors

Dollar / Yen Finspreads - Dollar/Yen Spreads?
Euro / Dollar Finspreads - Euro/Dollar Spreads?
Euro / Pound Finspreads - Euro/Pound Spreads?
Euro / Yen Finspreads - Euro/Yen Spreads?
Pound / Dollar Finspreads - Pound/Dollar Spreads?
Pound / Euro Finspreads - Pound/Euro Spreads?
Other Forex Majors Finspreads - Spreads on other Majors?
Spread betting on Forex Majors may also be available through other companies.

You can also spread bet on other Major FX markets. These include:

Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen, Euro/Canadian Dollar, Euro/Swiss Franc, Sterling/Japanese Yen, US Dollar/Canadian Dollar and US Dollar/Swiss Franc.

Finspreads – Forex – Minors

Euro / Swedish Krona Finspreads - Euro / Swedish Krona Spreads?
Euro / South African Rand Finspreads - Euro / South African Rand Spreads?
Pound / Australian Dollar Finspreads - Pound / Australian Dollar Spreads?
US Dollar / Singapore Dollar Finspreads - US Dollar / Singapore Dollar Spreads?
Other Forex Minors Finspreads - Spreads on other Minors?
Spread betting markets on other ‘Minors’ may also be available through other companies.

You can trade other Minor FX markets with Finspreads including:

Euro/New Zealand Dollar, Pound/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Yen, US Dollar/Swedish Krona and US Dollar/South African Rand.

Finspreads – Forex – Exotics

Dollar / Polish Zloty Finspreads - Dollar / Polish Zloty Spreads?
Dollar / Mexican Peso Finspreads - Dollar / Mexican Peso Spreads?
Dollar / Czech Koruna Finspreads - Dollar / Czech Koruna Spreads?
Other Forex Exotics Finspreads - Spreads on other Exotics?
Spread betting markets on Exotics may also be available through other companies.

Finspreads – European Shares

FTSE 100 Shares Finspreads - FTSE 100 Share Spreads?
FTSE 250 Shares Finspreads - FTSE 250 Share Spreads?
DAX 30 Shares Finspreads - DAX 30 Share Spreads?
CAC 40 Shares Finspreads - CAC 40 Share Spreads?
Irish Shares Finspreads - Irish Share Spreads?
Other European Shares Finspreads - Spreads on other European Shares?
Spread betting markets on European Shares may also be available through other companies.

Note: The number of spread betting markets available to trade on ‘US Shares’ as well as ‘Other Shares’ is subject to change. Availability of spread betting markets is often limited to companies with larger market capitalisations.

Finspreads – US Shares

Wall Street (Dow) Shares Finspreads - Wall Street Shares Spreads?
S+P 500 Shares Finspreads: S+P 500 Shares Spreads?
Nasdaq 100 Shares Finspreads - Nasdaq 100 Share Spreads?
Spread betting on US Shares may also be available through other companies.

Finspreads – World Shares

Australian Shares Finspreads - Australian Shares Spreads?
Indian Shares Finspreads - Indian Share Spreads?
South African Shares Finspreads - South African Share Spreads?
Other World Shares Finspreads - Spreads on other World Shares?
Spread betting markets on world shares may also be available through other spread betting companies.

Finspreads – Commodities Spreads – Energies

UK Oil Finspreads - UK Oil Spreads?
US Oil Finspreads - US Oil Spreads?
Natural Gas Finspreads - Natural Gas Spreads?
Other Energies Finspreads - Spreads on other Energies?
Spread betting on Energies markets may also be available through other companies.

You can also trade other Energies spread betting markets with Finspreads including CO2 Emissions, Gas RBOB, Gas Oil and Heating Oil.

Finspreads – Commodities Spreads – Metals

Gold Finspreads - Gold Spreads?
Silver Finspreads - Silver Spreads?
Copper Finspreads - Copper Spreads?
Other Metals Finspreads - Spreads on other Metals?
Spread bets on other Metals markets may also be available through other companies.

You can also spread bet on other metals such as Palladium.

Finspreads – Commodities Spreads – Softs

Coffee Finspreads - Coffee Spreads?
Sugar Finspreads - Sugar Spreads?
Wheat Finspreads - Wheat Spreads?
Other Softs Finspreads - Spreads on other Softs?
Spread betting markets on Softs may also be available through other companies.

Other Softs / Grains spread betting markets are available from Finspreads including: Cocoa (London and New York), Cotton, Corn, Orange Juice, Pork Bellies, Soybean Bean, Soybean Meal and Soybean Oil.

Finspreads – Bonds

BOBL Finspreads - BOBL Spreads?
Bund Finspreads - Bund Spreads?
Gilt Finspreads - Gilt Spreads?
Schatz Finspreads - Schatz Spreads?
US T Bond 10 Year Finspreads - US T Bond 10 Year Spreads?
Other Bonds Markets Finspreads - Spreads on other Bonds Markets?
Spread bets on Bonds markets may also be available through other companies.

Finspreads – Interest Rates

Euribor Finspreads - Euribor Spreads?
Eurodollar Finspreads - Eurodollar Spreads?
Short Sterling Finspreads - Short Sterling Share Spreads?
Other Interest Rates Finspreads - Spreads on other Interest Rates?
Spread Betting on Interest Rates may also be available through other companies.

Losses can exceed deposits

Contact Finspreads

Phone: 020 3194 1802

Park House
16 Finsbury Circus

Finspreads is a trading name of GAIN Capital UK Ltd. GAIN Capital UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 113942. Registered in England and Wales No: 1761813. Vat no: 524837435.

Spread betting is a leveraged product and can result in losses that exceed your deposits. It may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and click here to read our full risk warning.

AuthorAlex Turner

Senior Editor, SpreadBetMagazine