German Elections Illicit No Big Trading Warnings… So Far

Lederhosen Baby!
This could be a Snoozefest…

The Oktoberfest is in full swing but the spread betting firms are looking calm ahead of Sunday.

Unlike the UK, US and French elections where they all made notable changes to margin requirements, i.e. how much you had to deposit to spread bet, there seems to be precious little change.

For the German election, CMC Markets have made some minor adjustments that most spread bettors won’t notice.

(You might notice a few margin changes if place big trades).

IG Index haven’t made any changes to their margin requirements or spread widths.

There is a warning about gaps from IG though:

While financial markets are not expecting significant volatility around this event, there is still the possibility of a market gap over the weekend.

It’s important to be aware of this, and to ensure you are comfortable with the size of your open positions over the weekend.

Why No Fuss?
  • arrow_forwardMartin Schulz has run an unremarkable campaign
  • arrow_forwardThe German economy is in rude health
  • arrow_forwardAngela Merkel has moved to the centre and decimated the weak competition
You can only get 1.02 on Betfair for Angela Merkel to be the next German Chancellor… that’s an implied probability of 98%.

Sunday Stock Markets

Exit polls are expected to be released at 5pm on Sunday (UK time).

Most forex and index markets re-open late on Sunday e.g. the Financial Spreads forex markets re-open at 10.05pm.

As usual, IG are still running their Sunday DAX, FTSE and Dow Jones markets.

However, these Sunday markets are a little strange. Click on the above link for a full guide.

A Little Caution is Always Needed With Financial Spread Betting
Any investors who are concerned about their trades ahead of the election should adjust them, add risk management orders and/or deposit funds accordingly….or just close them.

24 Hour Markets
For the rest of us, the normal 24hr spread betting markets mean that that DAX and FTSE 100 open again late on Sunday, e.g. 11pm on Sunday with Financial Spreads.

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