GFT Markets Review

GFT offer spread betting, CFD trading and margined forex trading. GFT account holders can trade over 2,900 markets including more than 120 forex pairs. With GFT you can trade some of the most popular markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

According to their website, “GFT believes in making markets more approachable, offering the knowledge, value, services and software traders deserve…GFT offers competitive pricing on our spread betting, CFD and forex offerings.”

GFT DealBook® 360

Of the three GFT platforms, DealBook® 360 offers the largest selection of features, the most customisation, charting and indicators.

With GFT’s DealBook® 360 platform you can identify trends using more than 85 technical indicators across eight chart types and a wide selection of timeframes.

GFT DealBook® 360

GFT DealBook® WEB

GFT’s popular web-based platform, DealBook® WEB, can be accessed from any PC or Mac.

DealBook® WEB offers users some of the most popular charts, indicators and news feeds. You can review the markets through real-time charts and apply 40 technical indicators. Naturally, you can also add lines to monitor support and resistance levels, trendlines and Fibonacci retracements.

GFT DealBook® Web

GFT DealBook® Mobile

GFT mobile platform lets you trade and set orders across more than 120 forex markets and over 2,900 markets in real-time.

Using GFT’s mobile platform you can also check the latest charts and apply more than 13 of the most popular technical indicators.

GFT DealBook® Mobile is available for Apple® iPhone® or any other internet-enabled phone.
GFT Mobile

GFT Spread Betting Account

GFT Account Review GFT
Web PlatformGFT - Web Platform
iPhone AppGFT - Phone App
iPad AppGFT - iPad App
Android AppsGFT - Android Apps
Deposit AccountGFT - Deposit Account
Typical Minimum Stake£1
Minimum Account Opening Deposit£150
Stop LossGFT - Stop Loss
Guaranteed StopsGFT - Guaranteed Stops
24 Hour TradingGFT - 24 Hour Trading
Live ChartsGFT - Live Charts
Demo AccountGFT - Demo Account
FCA – Authorised and RegulatedGFT - Authorised and Regulated by the FCA
Spread betting may also be available with other companies.

GFT Trading

GFT MetaTrader4 / GFT MT4

GFT now offers its first automated trading platform: MetaTrader4 (MT4). Unlike some brokers GFT doesn’t charge clients for using MT4 and you can still:
  • Use EAs for automated trading
  • Create your own indicators and strategies with MQL4
  • Analyse and review the markets with more than 50 built-in indicators
  • Trade using multiple order types and execution options
  • Discuss the markets with other traders
GFT is known for their 24/7customer service, but now they also have in-house MT4 experts that are available to help you with “pretty much any question”.

Unlike a lot of dealers, when you call with your MT4 questions, your call won’t be redirected elsewhere for help; someone under GFT’s roof will help you.

GFT Charts and Autochartist™

To help traders with their technical analysis GFT offers the Autochartist™ pattern recognition software to all its clients.

In short, Autochartist™ scans hundreds of charts and patterns. It can automatically alert you of potential market movement based on Fibonacci price patterns.

Standard patterns include: Head and shoulders, bearish and bullish flags, double tops and bottoms, pennants, triangles and wedges.

Fibonacci-based patterns include: ABCD, three-drive and three point Fibonacci retracements and extensions. There are also two patterns exclusive to GFT; the butterfly and the Gartley.

If you combine Autochartist™ with DealBook® 360 or DealBook® WEB you can:
  • Set automatic alerts for when a given pattern appears.
  • View possible direction and trend strength for completed patterns.
  • View emerging patterns that could turn into a completed pattern.
  • Create personalised filters to receive alerts on a specific market, trend characteristic or pattern type.

GFT Spread Betting Markets

A review of some of the most popular spread betting markets covering the typical in-hours spread sizes and stakes.

GFT Stock Market Index Review GFT
FTSE 100 daily – spread size1
Dow Jones daily – spread size2
DAX 30 daily – spread size1
Indices – minimum stake£1
Indices – more markets availableGFT - Stock Market Indices
Index spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Using the GFT mobile, web or desktop platforms you can also trade other index markets including:
  • European stock markets e.g. CAC 40, Denmark 20 Index, EU Stocks 50 Index, Hungary 14 Index, Italy 40 Index, Netherlands 25 Index, Poland 20 Index, Spain 35 Index, Sweden 30 Index and Switzerland 20 Index
  • Non-European stock markets e.g. Australia 200 Index, Canada 60 Index, Korea 200 Index, Mexico 35 Index, NASDAQ 100, S+P 500, Singapore Blue Chip Index and South Africa 40 Index and US Small Cap 2000 Index

GFT Shares Review GFT
FTSE 100 shares – spread size0.10%
FTSE 100 shares – minimum stake£1
More shares markets availableGFT - Shares Markets
Shares spread betting may also be available with other companies.

As well as UK equities, investors can speculate on:
  • European Shares – including those listed in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Non-European Shares – including those listed in America, Hong Kong and Singapore

GFT Forex Review GFT
Euro/Dollar daily – spread size0.8
Sterling/Dollar daily – spread size0.8
Forex – minimum stake£1
Forex – more markets availableGFT - Forex Markets
Forex spread betting may also be available with other companies.

Not surprisingly for a broker that prides itself on its forex offering, as well as you the above, you can trade a broad range of other markets through GFT, these include:
  • ‘Forex Majors’ such as: Australian Dollar/Yen, Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Swiss Franc/Yen, Euro/Swiss Franc, Pound/Yen, US Dollar/Canadian Dollar and US Dollar/Swiss Franc
  • ‘Forex Minors’ such as: Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar, Euro/New Zealand Dollar, Pound/Canadian Dollar, Pound/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar/Yen, US Dollar/Norwegian Krone and US Dollar/South African Rand

GFT Commodities Review GFT
Gold – spread size5
Brent Crude Oil – spread size5
Commodities – minimum stake£1
Commodities – more markets availableGFT - Commodities Markets
Commodities spread betting may also be available with other firms.

Whilst the gold and crude oil markets are the most popular commodities, using the platforms listed above you can also speculate on:
  • Metals futures e.g. High Grade Copper, Palladium and Silver
  • Energies futures e.g. CO2 Emissions, Gas Oil (London) and Heating Oil
  • Agricultural futures e.g. Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, London Cocoa, Orange Juice, US Cocoa, US Corn, US Cotton No. 2, US Soybean Meal, US Soybean Oil and US Soybeans

GFT Bonds and STIRS Review GFT
Interest Rate markets availableGFT - Interest Rate Markets
Bonds markets availableGFT - Bonds Markets
Spread betting may also be available with other companies.

About GFT

GFT was formed in 1997 and serves clients in more than 120 countries.

GFT contact details:

34th floor
25 Canada Square
E14 5LQ

Phone: 0800 358 0864

When spread betting, trading CFDs or spot forex you can lose more than your initial deposit. These leveraged products may not be suitable for all investors.

GFT Global Markets UK Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 5394757 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

AuthorAlex Turner

Senior Editor, SpreadBetMagazine