Mario Hits Euro, Poor ISIS Hacking & Markets Ignoring Nuclear War Threat

Euro Trading Lower
More ECB QE? you can “almost” bet on it…

The Spread Betting Diary for 26 September 2017

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Mario Hits the Euro

ECB president Mario Draghi probably doesn’t like the look of the EUR/USD chart and has been “talking down” the euro.

The ECB had seemed pretty relaxed by the single currency’s rise… until now.

According to Chris Beauchamp at IG:

Draghi has reminded us not to get too carried away with the idea of the ECB starting it’s tapering… indeed more easing could needed.

As always, super Mario is carefully hedging his bets and with Germany distracted by coalition building the ECB needs to keep the show on the road.

If that means more QE, so be it.
Also see Where Next for EURUSD?

Markets Still Ignoring the Threat of Nuclear War?

There’s an interesting article in The Economist that talks about why investors haven’t reacted much to the threat of nuclear war…

It’s actually from 7 September but still seems relevant, see Gone Fission.

Dodgy Donald Tweet Deleted

It’s always interesting to see which tweets get deleted from the @realDonaldTrump twitter feed…

It’s a bit late though… people are watching… it gets noticed…

See Dodgy Donald Tweet Deleted.

Fraudsters and Poor ISIS Hacking Skills

There was a strange story on the BBC yesterday which talked about how poor ISIS are at hacking – see IS hacking skills are ‘garbage’.

I don’t have an issue with the Beeb but it didn’t seem that balanced.

While the story made me feel good for about 10 seconds, I quickly remembered about how we used to laugh at North Korean’s missiles launches that repeatedly failed… people can learn quickly…

I did like one part of the story though.

[ISIS have also had problems with] attempts to raise cash via donations of Bitcoins, these efforts have been diluted by fraudsters cashing in on the IS name and producing websites mimicking the appeals for funds.

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