Spread Betting with Mobile Phone Apps

Most apps will let you trade +1,000 markets and check the latest prices and market movements.
City Index Mobile Trading

They’ll also let you place and amend orders, set stop and limit orders and full or partially close your trades.

I.e. the apps let you use basic trading in the pretty much the same way you would use an online platform. Albeit more slowly. And often with a healthy dose of swearing if you’re on a train.

As of 2017, charts are much faster and often work well. Back in 2010 they used to very problematic and borderline pointless.

Having said that, a lot of firms still haven’t solved issues like offering users nice big buttons

Where Can I Get iPhone Spread Betting Apps?

Spread Betting Financial Spreads IG City Index ETX Capital
iPhone App iPhone Platform available with Financial Spreads? iPhone Platform available with IG? iPhone Platform available with City Index? iPhone Platform available with ETX Capital?
iPad App iPad Platform available with Financial Spreads? iPad Platform available with IG? iPad Platform available with City Index? iPad Platform available with ETX Capital?
Android Apps Android Apps available with Financial Spreads? Android Apps available with IG? Android Apps available with City Index? Android Apps available with ETX Capital?
Web Platform Web-based Platform available with Financial Spreads? Web-based Platform available with IG? Web-based Platform available with City Index? Web-based Platform available with ETX Capital?

Where Can I Get Android Spread Betting Apps?

Android apps are now common place.

Most of the bigger firms offer spreads apps for Android based mobiles and tablets as standard.

GFT Dealbook Mobile

Where Can I Get Windows Spread Betting Apps?

There aren’t many firms offering financial spread betting apps for Windows phones or Windows tablet.

It looks like IG is one of the few firms offering these apps.

No More Kindle Spread Betting Apps

Sorry, GFT used to offer a Kindle app but now that GFT have merged with City Index that avenue is no longer open.

Another firm might offer a Kindle spread betting app but we don’t know of one.

No More BlackBerry Spread Betting Apps

City Index and IG used to offer spread betting apps for the BlackBerry.

Not surprisingly, given the decline of the BlackBerry, both firms have stopped offering a BlackBerry app.

MT4 for Mobile

IG now supports MT4 for Mobile as an add-on to its current MetaTrader forex platform offering.

MT4 is widely considered the most popular front-end application for derivatives traders looking to automate their strategy with a pre-defined set of trading rules.

AuthorAlex Turner

Senior Editor, SpreadBetMagazine