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27 March 2017: The Wonders of Technology Never Cease

There’s a new story on the bbc about CafeX, robotic barista serves up coffee.

OK, CNET did the same story a month ago but that’s not the point. Look at this video:

They have created a machine that makes coffee!

I wonder if they will be brave enough to call it a “coffee machine”?

Snide remarks aside:
  • favoriteAgreed, good coffee is important.
  • cloudIf you take the magic out of making a coffee… if you remove the barista… can you still charge £2-3 for a coffee?
  • thumb_downSeriously though, you can do all of this without the robotic arm. This is over engineering.
  • warningDon’t listen to me, I didn’t like the iPad either. And while I might have been right about the limitations of tablets… I also missed the multi-billion dollar tablet bonanza…
As for the Starbucks stock? Investors don’t seem that worried about this ‘new’ story.

Having said that, they might be worried about something else.

Looking at the chart, the share price has been trading in the same $10 range since July 2015, i.e. trading between $52-62.

That’s still a wide range but a definite change from the impressive pre-July 2015 share price rise.

Live Starbucks Chart and Prices

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