The Moore the Merrier? Not This Time

13 December 2017: Update – Roy Moore Loses Alabama Senate Election

It looks like Roy Moore has lost – also see Why the Alabama State Election is Important for the Spread Betting Markets

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

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Republican Family Values?

28 September 2017: The Moore the Merrier? Not This Time

And we’re off topic again. Sorry.

But if you’ve been wondering why we keep hearing about the goings on in Alabama, here’s another Donald-centric issue.

This time it’s Roy Moore beating the Trump-backed Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican Senate primary.

Now a Republican Senate primary doesn’t normally hit the news in the UK but this one did for a couple reasons:
  1. Trump‘s man lost – and that’s always funny
  2. The man he lost to, Roy Moore, makes many a Republican Senator look like they’re a member of the Labour party
Roy Moore, the former Alabama chief justice, is known for being controversial and was removed from state supreme court post twice. Yes. Twice.

According to the Guardian:

Moore had previously been removed as Alabama’s chief justice two times. The first time was when he refused to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments that he installed in the state courthouse. Wow.

The second time was for refusing to implement the US supreme court ruling legalising gay marriage.
OK… he’s an old school right-wing bigot.

But the Guardian was being a bit kind when it came to Moore being anti-gay. Also, Moore is clearly a daft racist too.

Here’s 8 minutes of Trevor Noah giving a summary of the vote, Trump’s reaction and then some truly amazing footage of the man who’s likely to become a Senator for Alabama.

Part 1: Getting Trump’s Backing:

Part 2: The Result and who is Roy Moore:

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