Trump vs FBI, the UK Election and Parliamentary Clichés

The April & May 2017 Spread Betting Diary

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17 May 2017: Exclusive! Obama’s Opinion on the Trump-Comey Sacking Debacle

Below, we have exclusive insight from Barack Obama on his thoughts regarding Donald Trump’s sacking of James Comey.

Barack Obama Laughing
“Trump is one dump SOB…”

No Stock Market Panic Yet

In the markets, the S&P 500 chart is looking a little softer, as is the NASDAQ chart.

Having said that, there’s no real panic yet amongst traders who’ve bought into the Trump-rally.

14 May 2017: Donald Trump Does the Hokey Cokey…

Albeit only by repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth.

Below, Bill Maher examines Trump’s firing FBI Director Comey… and the new admission that The Donald was going to do it anyway… irrespective of any advice from the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General.

Editor’s note – we don’t agree with Bill Maher’s June 2017 remarks/use of the N-word. There’s no place for that. Please leave all the stupid, daft-racist comments to the President.

12 May 2017: Are You Not Entertained?

Actually, no, not yet.

Come on, we don’t need egg throwing. For the election we just need people to drag politicians out of their comfort zone like Jillian Duffy did to Gordon Brown.

“She was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour”.

Watch the video below if you want to cringe for 5 minutes.
Sadly, a “hot mic” doesn’t ruin an election campaign, just ask The Donald.

9 May 2017: Political Spread Betting

That Theresa May’s lot are a shoo-in for a majority at the election is not news.

That she might emulate Margaret Thatcher’s win is raising a few eyebrows.

Let’s take a look at the political spread betting markets.

Political Spread Betting: Theresa May Laughing
“And then they chose Jeremy Corbyn… again!”

28 April 2017: Parliament Clichés: Long-term Economic Plan

Is this part of Hilter’s “Big Lie” technique… you know… the bit from Chapter 10 of Mein Kampf?

I.e. the “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”.

It seems that our beloved UK politicians are rather keen on a Long-term Economic Plan:

20 April 2017: I Miss David Cameron

That is not easy to write.

Believe me, I think Cameron is an idiot who gambled with Scotland and then gambled with the UK’s membership of the EU without having any kind of realistic plan.

Surely the Government had a duty to have a sensible plan for both Remain and Leave.

Anyway… it’s Friday and I’d rather take a look at some of Cameron’s finer moments at the despatch box.

Theresa May just isn’t cutting the mustard yet.

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