Undefeated Supreme Boxer to Box a UFC Champion?


How Can a Relative Novice Hurt an All-Time Boxing Great?

This is somewhat off topic for Spread Bet Mag but I don’t understand the odds in Saturday’s Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight.

Mayweather is 1-4 (aka 4-1 on) to beat McGregor and that seems like a great price.

Yes, the UFC champ is 29 and Floyd is 40. Nevertheless:

  • thumb_upThis is boxing not UFC
  • thumb_upMayweather is 49 wins out of 49
  • thumb_upWe should appreciate that Floyd hasn’t fought in 2 years but how many competitive boxing matches has McGregor had in his 29 years? None
I don’t see how a relative novice at boxing can hurt a super experienced fighter and all-time great.

If this was UFC then I’d punt on the McGregor… but it’s not.

Therefore 1-4 seems acceptable for a £100 or so.

I’ll only win £25 but this is just one of those things I want to have money on and say I was right… when all the idiots are punting on McGregor. And it looks like an easy £25.

Of course, McGregor could get lucky etc. and so £100 is all I want to risk.

If you are betting… then… as always! Only bet with money you can afford to lose.

Post-Fight Update

E-zee. E-zee. E-zee.

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