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Dear Spread Betting Diary

28 June 2017: Why Machine Learning Trading Models Often Fail

OK…this is a short Bloomberg article from last year but it’s still interesting because:
  • gradeTrading and “Machine Learning” is interesting… in a kind of “finding El Dorado way”
  • warningIt’s a good reminder of how successful back-testing can still fail when put into practice
See Why Machine Learning Models Often Fail.

27 June 2017: Out of Touch? Moi? Glarrstonbury Says it All

Our second favourite idiot is back (it will be difficult to knock The Donald off the top spot).

Yes, BoJo, old etonian and all-round buffoon, is proving he’s a man of the people and definitely not out-of touch-by calling it Glarrstonbury.

Even f****** David Davis is laughing at him:
(And this is ignoring the fact that the rest of Boris’s speech in the House of Commons is factually incorrect… BoJo… please pop on to YouTube and check Corbyn’s speech).

Editor’s comment: It’s not difficult to see how Jez Corbyn, a man with daft 1970s policies, ran rings round these clowns as the election.

12 June 2017: Perfect Example of How Spread Betting Can Hurt

The UK election has served up a big surprise.

It’s the perfect example of how spread betting can hurt.

9 June 2017: Ouch!

Forget the 90 seat majority the spread betting markets predicted yesterday… the Tories have lost their majority.

I guess we (cough) ‘May’ have to update the image of Theresa laughing on our politics page.

8 June 2017: Election Day Update

Today’s election market prices are here.

The Tories are forecast to have a healthy 90 seat majority.

6 June 2017: Election Spread Betting Prices

The basic story of the UK election markets:
  • trending_downConservatives
  • trending_upLabour
  • trending_downLib Dems
Also see our guide to politics spread betting.

Below, UK election markets as of 2.15pm.

UK Election Spread Betting Prices: 6 June 2017
Labour Seats Quote Still Climbing

1 June 2017: Conservatives Making a Mess of the Election

Is this the worst Tory election campaign ever?

We’ve also added the latest election spread betting charts here.

The chart isn’t pretty if you’re a Tory

For more, please see Dear Spread Betting Diary.

What’s New on SpreadBetMagazine?

We have worked for the spread betting companies in the past. We spread bet. We trade CFDs. We have seen much of what goes on, both good and bad.

Hopefully we can cover some industry gossip too (even when it irritates our advertisers).

Our aim with Spread Bets Magazine is to:

  • arrow_forwardProvide some informative views on how you can improve your trading. We think most trading losses are due to school boy errors.We don’t have a magic pill or ’20 amazing trading secrets’ but if we can help you become more disciplined then will be hopefully save you some money
  • arrow_forwardGive more detail on how to make the spread betting sites work for you
  • arrow_forwardOffer personal views but not trading tips. Note, we are not regulated to give advice and that is probably a good thing!
  • arrow_forwardShed some light on the poor industry practices
  • arrow_forwardPoint out were the industry is pretty fair e.g. we know that many spread bettors don’t like the rolling charges (aka overnight financing charges). However, investors need to remember that when you spread bet or trade CFDs that you are borrowing from the relevant broker. If the broker charges you a rate of “(baserate +2.5%)/365” per night, that’s a reasonable borrowing rate. It’s probably better than your mortgage rate.
  • arrow_forwardFlatter our egos and pretend we know something useful (mostly by pointing out all the school boy errors we have made in the past)
  • arrow_forwardAdd a little colour, politics and humour to what can be a very dry topic – also see Dear Diary
Sometimes we all need this kind of trading assistance...

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