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Dear Spread Betting Diary

23 March 2018: The Dow Plunges as Trump’s Targets China with $60bn in Tariffs

Donald Trump has signed the executive order that imposes duties worth $60bn on 1,300 Chinese imported products:

And this is only the first of many others
March 22 could be remembered as the day when the trade war between Beijing and Washington began.

trending_down Wall Street reacted immediately, with the Dow Jones closing with a -2.93% loss.

The first wave of US tariffs comes into force today, March 23, the one on the import of steel (25%) and aluminium (10%).

Exempted Countries

Trump administration exempted the 28 countries of the European Union, as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil and South Korea. Canada and Mexico were already exempted.

Pressure from EU officials on Trump have achieved one goal… or perhaps China was really the only target.

Nevertheless, the quarrel with Europe is not over yet. Trump warned live on television:

We are negotiating with the European Union because they have too high trade barriers. We are dealing with other countries. For too long they have benefited at our expense.

Every time I meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a great friend of mine, I see his smile. I guess you think: how did we take advantage of Americans for so long? Well that era is over. The key word for me is “reciprocity”.

Trade must be balanced, the conditions for opening the markets must be the same, as if they were reflected in a mirror.
Trump made it clear that the number one problem is not Europe but China and said:

With Beijing we have a trade deficit of $500bn, more than half of the $800bn deficit we have with the rest of the world. We must do something
The category of Chinese goods which will be most affected is tech, from electronic components to aerospace.

It is no coincidence that Trump invited the managing director of Lock-heed-Martin, Marillyn Hewson, to the signing ceremony.

warning The Chinese reaction came soon after Trump’s move, as Beijing saying it plans to set tariffs up to 25% on imports of US goods.

trending_down Asian equity markets plunged. The Nikkei 225 closed down -4.51%, South Korea’s Kopsi index fell -3.29%.

trending_down Key industrial commodities collapsed as well, with the iron ore futures down 5% and copper dropping to a three-month low.

Update by Ipek Ozkardeskaya, Senior Market Analyst, LCG

2018 Rebates

info Financial Spreads have “re-set” their 25% Rebate for 2018.

I.e. as well as new clients, existing clients can claim a new 25% rebate… as long as they qualify again by depositing £250, (€250, $250) in 2018.

Financial Spreads are also still running their monthly rebate which is imaginatively titled “Trader Rebate”.

Elsewhere, InterTrader are still running their monthly rebate called “TradeBack”.

For details see our guide to spread betting, FX and CFD rebates.

Trumps rolls into Davos
Trumps rolls into Davos

22 January 2018: Plenty of Markets Still In-Play for 2018

video_label It’s always good to get some different views on the markets, the 7 minute video below takes a quick look at the key markets for 2018.

thumb_up up Eurozone stocks seems to get a thumbs up, particularly the Spain 35 and Italy 40.

info The FTSE 100 and Nikkei 225 also have some potential, albeit for differing reasons.

warning The risk-reward ratio for US stocks isn’t great. US equities have the “potential for sizeable correction”.

Trump, Davos and Bad Trade Deals

9 January 2018: Crude Oil to Reach $75 in 2018?

video_label We’ve added a useful 7 minute video looking at the crude oil market for 2018.

If you’re interested in the oil market, this is a good summary and worth a watch (and there’s not much waffle either).

The video is on our crude oil spread betting guide.

Bitcoin “Consolidating” at $15,000?

Nothing is ever clear in the Bitcoin market but are we seeing some kind of consolidation around $15,000?

We might be seeing a Bitcoin support / resistance levels (read more).

Also see “Is this the Least Stupid Way to Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum?“.

8 January 2018: New Year, Same Volatility for Bitcoin

In case you missed it… Bitcoin did get back up to the $17,000 mark on Sunday.

It’s now back down to $15,000.

warning Extreme volatility continues to plague the market, see real-time Bitcoin chart.

WTF? What $1,000 Minimum First Time Deposit?

We’ve received an email from eToro saying:

We are raising the minimum first time deposit to $1,000.

This is to ensure speedier processing of deposit requests and to keep the services we provide at an optimal level.
I don’t get that.

Normal minimum deposits are around £100, euro100 or $100 e.g. with City Index, CMC, ETX, Financial Spreads, IG, InterTrader, Spreadex, Tradefair etc.

I know payments are a pain for the spread betting and CFD companies but most payments are automatic…

If you want to keep out the riff-raff like me, start with raising it to £250 or $250.

If you still have issues after that then you’re doing something else wrong.


4 January 2018: Bitcoin Back Up 35%!

trending_up Since the low of $10,692 on 22 December the market has bounced back to $14,500… that’s a cheeky 35% bounce.

info It looks like the market is currently using $10,000 and $20,000 as very rough support and resistance levels.

warning Trading remains highly volatile. Only trade with money you are happy to lose.

For more on this, see our Bitcoin spread betting update.

4 January 2018: New US Dollar Index Trade Idea

video_label We’ve added a new 5 minute on US dollar index ahead of tomorrow’s NFP.

See our US Dollar Index spread betting guide.

27 December 2017: Fear Factors & Trading in 2018

It’s that quiet bit between Christmas and New Year so here’s a useful 10 minute video that looks at the bigger picture for 2018.

There’s not too much waffle and does look at some interesting data:

Trump Tell Santa How It's Done

21 December 2017: Italy 40 Ready to Drop?

trending_down The Italian stock market looks like it could in a classic Head and Shoulders pattern.

We’ve added a 5 minute video looking this, see our Italy 40 spread betting guide.

Snoopy, the Rich and US Tax Reform

20 December 2017: Bitcoin in Bear Market (Technically)

warning Bitcoin has dropped 20% and technically that puts it in a bear market.

Although, as we say in our Bitcoin spread betting and trading guide, Bitcoin has its own bizarre rules…

A 20% drop for Bitcoin probably isn’t a bear market.

A 20% drop probably isn’t even a “correction” it may only be a “dip”.
warning Cryptocurrency trading remains highly volatile.

Cartoon: US Tax Reform for the Rich
US Tax Reform Cuts Seem a Little One-sided…

19 December 2017: Christmas Treat

In celebration of the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, and that fact that the markets are a bit quiet this morning… we thought we’d put up this classic.

8 minutes of “Snatch Wars” (Snatch Vs Star Wars).

Is this why the internet was created? We hope so.

warning Lots of funny / puerile adult language


16 December 2017: US Tax Reform Cuts Get Closer

Trump Tax Plan

15 December 2017: A New Warning on Bitcoin

warning It’s good to see the FCA trying to get message out about the risks of “Investing” in Bitcoin.

In an interview on Newsnight, Andrew Bailey, Head of the FCA, came out with a pretty clear view:

If you want to invest in Bitcoin be prepared to lose your money – that would be my serious warning
See more warnings and trading facts on our Bitcoin blog.

14 December 2017: The Fed Hikes & Dollar Falls

It wasn’t pretty

This week’s Fed meeting went as planned with the 0.25% rate hike but the dollar didn’t like the Fed’s uncommitted view.

See Live EUR/USD chart.

13 December 2017: New Trading Videos (with Technical Analysis)

We’ve added 2 new videos:

video_label a 13 minute video taking a longer look at the US dollar. The video concentrates on the US dollar index, USD/JPY and gold – see trading the US dollar in 2018.

video_label 4 minutes of technical analysis on the HK50 – see is the Kong Kong Hang Seng on course to hit 30,000?

FOMC Meetings Create “Expected” Volatility

warningIf you have open positions heading into tonight’s Fed announcements (see below) – then don’t forget that, after the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls, it’s the FOMC meetings that normally produce the most “expected” volatility.

I know we are crying out for more market volatility but, just like the NFP, these short-term spikes can hurt.

You have been warned.

Comedy Currency Trading!

warningTalking of volatile trading, the comedy currency that is Bitcoin continues to have intraday $1,000 – $1,500 swings!

If you combine these swings with spread betting or CFD trading you will get hurt very quickly and it will be really painful.

Or… as I like to say:

Combining ultra volatile markets with leveraged trading is like drinking and driving… it is only a matter of time before a something really really bad happens.
Did I just quote myself? Yes, sorry. I just wanted to make sure that stood out.

If you really want to jump on the bubble that is Bitcoin, see:

What? An Alabama Election to Move the Spread Betting Markets?

The Moore the Merrier? Not This Time

It looks like the hideous Roy Moore has lost the race for the Alabama Senate seat that was up for grabs.

There are a lot of unpleasant allegations about Roy Moore but I don’t agree with trail by internet.

… however, we can judge him by his own words, see the Moore the Merrier? Not This Time.

Looking at the markets though, this unexpected victory also points at how unpopular Trump is.

Crucially, losing a Senate seat makes things far more tricky for Trump and the Republican agenda.

See why the Alabama State election is important for the spread betting markets.

12 December 2017: Bitcoin’s Extreme Electricity Usage – Another Reason the Market Could Crash

warning We’ve added a new video that’s acts as a nice health warning for anyone looking to trade the cryptocurrency.

At the moment Bitcoin miners are using as much electricity as Nigeria (90m people).

Before long miners will be using as much as electricity as Japan

See Bitcoin Market Manipulation, Electricity Usage and Why Bitcoin Could Crash.

11 December 2017: Is the Santa Rally About to Kick Off?

Below, a quick 4 minute video looking at the Santa rally that often boosts the FTSE 100.

lightbulb_outline Taking 30 years of data… the FTSE 100 rallies an average of about 2% rally from mid-December to the end of the month.

With the FTSE 100 above 7,450 a 2% increase would take it to/above the all-time highs aroud 7,556.

Bubble Trading – You Shouldn’t But If You Really Really Must…

There might be a semi-convenient way of buying / holding / selling Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

It’s not advisable to trade such volatile markets when they are in such clear bubbles but if you really really must…

info Revolut has added cryptocurrency exchange.

This might be one of the least stupid ways to invest:

thumb_up The exchange is just an exchange, it’s not leveraged. If you deposit £200 and convert it into Bitcoin… then, when the bubble bursts you’ll only lose your £200.

thumb_up You won’t get stopped out in highly volatile swings.

thumb_up Revolut is FCA regulated and so this gives you more security over your deposits.

For more see our article – Is this the Least Stupid Way to Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum?

11 December 2017: There’s a Lot of Economic Data this Week

Today could be quiet but come Tuesday, the markets could still be quite lively.

Below a 10 minute look at how things could unfold with updates from the Fed, BoE & ECB.

There’s UK and US inflation updates, new wage growth data and naturally these feed into the forex markets.

If you skip to 6 minutes, there’s some quick technical analysis on how the new data could impact the markets.

8 December 2017: It’s a Busy Few Days for Bitcoins

trending_uptrending_downtrending_up It’s hits $17,000 in yet more erratic trading.

warningwarning Overnight the cryptocurrency jumped to $17,000 before dropped back to $14,000.

According to David Madden, Market Analyst, CMC Markets:

The cryptocurrency is seeing tremendous volatility, but the upward is still in place for now.
warning $80m Stolen worth of Bitcoin was stolen from a mining service.

7 December 2017: A Few Trading Warnings and… One Spread Betting Idea!

We have updates on:

warning Bitcoin as it hits $14,000 – see Bitcoin spread betting update.

warning US crude oil production is at record levels – see crude oil spread betting update.

lightbulb_outline and… a new Channel Trading (Range Trading) idea. This is one to watch.

4 December 2018: Trump Tax Plan Gets Closer

Trump Tax Cuts

3 December 2018: Technical Levels for the Week Ahead

Below, a useful 8 minute video taking a look at the coming week with a quick technical look at the Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Japan 225, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, crude oil and gold.

It’s a New Month – Don’t Forget Your Rebates

A few firms like InterTrader and Financial Spreads have monthly spread betting, CFD and forex rebates.

It’s worth checking them out if you trade a lot (or trade semi-frequently with +£5/pt trades)

If you don’t trade much, or trade with smaller trade sizes like £1/pt, then you’re unlikely to get much from a rebate.

There’s full rundown in our spread betting, CFD and forex rebates guide.

1 December 2017: Yep, the Leader of the Free World is Still a Daft Racist

I’m not a massive fan of The Mirror but they’ve got their reporting right on this one.

Donald Trump has retweeted three racist tweets by Britain First and then managed to have a public spat with Theresa May.

And Don’t Forget…

Trump: No One Knows the System Better Than Me

Also see Donald Trump videos.

For more, please see Dear Spread Betting Diary.

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