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Dear Spread Betting Diary

28 April 2017: Parliament Clichés: Long-term Economic Plan

Is this part of Hilter’s “Big Lie” technique… you know… the bit from Chapter 10 of Mein Kampf?

I.e. the “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”.

It seems that our beloved UK politicians are rather keen on a Long-term Economic Plan:

20 April 2017: I Miss David Cameron

That is not easy to write.

Believe me, I think Cameron is an idiot who gambled with Scotland and then gambled with the UK’s membership of the EU without having any kind of realistic plan.

Surely the Government had a duty to have a sensible plan for both Remain and Leave.

Anyway… it’s Friday and I’d rather take a look at some of Cameron’s finer moments at the despatch box.

Theresa May just isn’t cutting the mustard yet.

29 March 2017: All is Well in British Politics

Below Boris Johnson discusses the Donald Trump claim that GCHQ carried out surveillance on The Donald.

Clearly it’s an “absurd and ridiculous” claim and the damage done is like that of a “gnat against a rhino… or elephant”.

BoJo continues his feat of managing to be both funny and a d*** at the same time.

At least the Foreign Secretary’s comment might make a few more reporters ask The Donald about the supposed tapping.

A Gnat Against a Rhino…or Elephant
Or perhaps “a Boris Johnson vs a Japanese schoolboy” during some ‘touch’ rugby…

28 March 2017: Gold Rally Under Pressure & Crude Oil in Limbo

Below, a quick but useful video from IG that looks at the current state of play with the gold & crude oil markets.

The gold rally since December is looking less than secure.

Oil prices look like they could easily go either way.

27 March 2017: World Gone Mad!

Someone has invented a machine that makes coffee…

Looking at the Starbucks chart, shareholders might have other concerns though…

21 March 2017: Forex Spread Betting Comparisons Getting Trickier

With so many spread betting companies only offering variable forex spreads, direct spread comparisons are becoming somewhat opaque.

And don’t be fooled by “Spreads from 0.7pt”…in reality that doesn’t mean 0.7pt.

See forex spread betting comparison.

20 March 2017: Annoying Spread Betting Inactivity Fees

We’ve now added “Inactivity Fees” aka “Dormant Account” fees to our spread betting account comparison.

Inactivity fees are an annoying cost that are creeping into the industry. It’s good to see some firms still aren’t charging them.

For more, please see Dear Spread Betting Diary.

What’s New on SpreadBetMagazine?

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Hopefully we can cover some industry gossip too (even when it irritates our advertisers).

Our aim with Spread Bets Magazine is to:

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  • arrow_forwardShed some light on the poor industry practices
  • arrow_forwardPoint out were the industry is pretty fair e.g. we know that many spread bettors don’t like the rolling charges (aka overnight financing charges). However, investors need to remember that when you spread bet or trade CFDs that you are borrowing from the relevant broker. If the broker charges you a rate of “(baserate +2.5%)/365” per night, that’s a reasonable borrowing rate. It’s probably better than your mortgage rate.
  • arrow_forwardFlatter our egos and pretend we know something useful (mostly by pointing out all the school boy errors we have made in the past)
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